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New York Scorecard

This scorecard shows how New York residents rate their state's leadership, economy, political landscape, and social climate as well as how they view the nation's leadership and economy. New York residents' responses on 14 key metrics are compared with national averages. Understand how we calculated the 14 key metrics.

POLITICS New York National Average


% Republican/Lean Republican 32 39
% Democratic/Lean Democratic 49 43


% Conservative 30 36
% Moderate 35 36
% Liberal 28 23

Presidential Job Approval

% Approve 51 43

Trust in Your State's Government

% Great deal/Fair amount 53 58^
Economics New York National Average

Confidence in the U.S. Economy

Economic Confidence Index (-100 to 100) -16 -16

Confidence in Your State's Economy

Economic Confidence Index (-100 to 100) 8 23^

Good Time to Get a Job in City or Area

% Good time 27 40^

State Taxes Not Too High

% Not too high 21 47^

Payroll to Population Rate

% of Population Employed Full Time by an Employer 41 43
Satisfaction New York National Average

Best State to Live in

% Best/One of the best 41 46^

Would Like to Remain in State

% Remain 56 65^

Satisfied With City or Area

% Satisfied 80 83^
Culture New York National Average


% Very religious 33 41

City or Area Is Good Place for Racial and Ethnic Minorities

% Good place 83 83^

National averages: Average for the total U.S. population. The national average measures are from Gallup Daily tracking conducted January-June 2014, with sample sizes ranging from 230 in the least populous states to 8,500 in the most populous states. There are at least 500 respondents in 41 states.

^50-state averages: Overall average of the 50 individual state averages. The 50-state average measures are from a 50-state Gallup poll conducted June-December 2013 with at least 600 residents in each state.

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