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Environment and Energy

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Americans continue to express the most dire concerns about water pollution, out of six environmental threats.

A slightly diminished 56% majority of Americans, compared with a year ago, think the U.S. government is doing too little to protect the environment, while 15% say it is doing too much and 29% think its actions are about right.

Americans have maintained relatively high concern about global warming over the past six years, along with the belief that it is caused by human activity.

by RJ Reinhart

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Increased proportions of Americans worry about the availability and affordability of energy, believe the energy situation in the U.S. is serious, and think there will be a critical energy shortage in the U.S.

CHRO Conversations

Schneider Electric strives to be "the most local of global companies" by distributing leadership, decentralizing decisions and pursuing local talent.

by Frank Newport

The American public wants more, rather than less, federal government environmental regulation.

by Frank Newport

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