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Biden Overall Approval at 40%, Key Issue Ratings Lackluster

Biden Overall Approval at 40%, Key Issue Ratings Lackluster

Story Highlights

  • Biden’s 40% overall job rating similar to last month’s 42%
  • On environment, 43% approve; 38% on energy policy, foreign affairs
  • Economy is Biden’s weakest issue, with 32% approving

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Joe Biden’s latest job approval rating is 40%, his sixth consecutive reading in the 40% to 42% range. Biden is also underwater in ratings of his handling of four issues -- the environment (43% of Americans approve), energy policy (38%), foreign affairs (38%) and the economy (32%).


Americans’ ratings of Biden’s handling of his overall job, foreign affairs and the economy were measured last month and are not significantly different in the latest poll, which was conducted March 1-23. Biden’s overall job approval rating has not exceeded 44% since August 2021, during his first year in office. His ratings on the economy and foreign affairs, which are included periodically, were at the majority level only at the start of his term.

This is the third time Gallup has gauged opinions of Biden’s handling of the environment and energy policy. The most recent ratings on these two issues are on par with the initial readings one year ago. However, both ratings are lower than the last time they were measured, in August. During that poll’s field period, the Senate and House passed, and Biden signed, the Inflation Reduction Act that his administration billed as “the most significant climate legislation in U.S. history.” Since then, Biden’s rating on the environment has dropped seven percentage points, while on energy policy, it is down five points.


Democrats’ Approval Ratings of Biden Remain Strong

Biden has consistently had overall job approval ratings of 78% or higher among Democrats, including the latest, 87%, while his ratings among Republicans have been below 8% since August 2021, including 3% in the current poll.

Independents’ evaluations of Biden have varied more -- 61% approved of Biden at the beginning of his presidency, and a majority did so through June 2021. Since September 2021, independents’ rating has been at or below 40%, including the current 35%.


Partisans’ ratings of Biden’s performance on the four issues measured in the March poll are similarly polarized. Democrats are slightly more likely to express approval of Biden’s handling of the environment and foreign affairs than of the economy and energy policy. Republicans are nearly unanimous in their disapproval of Biden’s handling of each of the four issues, with no more than 9% approving.

For their part, roughly four in 10 independents approve of the job Biden is doing on the environment and energy policy. Fewer approve of Biden’s handling of foreign affairs (34%) and the economy (26%).


Low approval of Biden on the economy from both Democrats and independents explains his particularly poor performance on that issue relative to his overall job score. Fewer Democrats also approve of Biden on foreign affairs and energy policy than approve of him overall, while independents’ ratings of him on these issues are on par with their overall rating of him.

Bottom Line

Biden continues to face challenges at home and abroad. Inflation remains stubbornly high, the banking crisis has further complicated the economic climate, and tensions with Russia, China and now Iran are high. His overall approval rating has remained steady at the same level since September, and his ratings on the economy and foreign affairs are weak.

Gallup’s previous measure of Biden’s handling of the environment was in August and reflected greater positivity, which was likely a result of the passage of his legislation targeting climate change. Now, more than six months later, even as some of the provisions from the Inflation Reduction Act aimed at clean energy have begun, his rating on the environment is down and his rating on energy policy remains low.

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