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Election 2020

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by Frank Newport

Bernie Sanders has proposed a number of government guarantees for Americans' basic necessities; public opinion on that concept is mixed.

by Frank Newport

Healthcare, the economy and immigration are A-list issues in the 2020 election, while other issues are broadly important but not top of mind.

by V. Lance Tarrance

Will Democrats vote in the 2020 presidential election if their party nominates a candidate they don't agree with?

by Frank Newport

Increased polarization in the U.S., with deep antipathy toward those of the opposite political persuasion, has potentially negative long-term effects.

by Frank Newport

Americans have mixed views on the appropriate role of government in today's society, making this a key focus for candidate debate.

by Mohamed Younis

As election season approaches, Gallup releases its campaign 2020 page and Metrics that Matter interactive, featuring the most important trends to follow when putting this contest into perspective.

by Frank Newport

Bernie Sanders' proposal to tax public companies whose CEO pay is much higher than the pay of their average worker fits well with U.S. public opinion.