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How well do you work with your suppliers and vendors? Learn strategies from The Golden Thread to improve these vital business relationships.

What's your restaurant's competitive advantage? Discover how the "The Golden Thread" can help you find profit where it's notoriously hard to find.

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Learn how banks can optimize their channel experiences to align them with millennials' expectations.

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Make a few simple changes to retain and engage your most at-risk customer group.

73% of Americans say artificial intelligence will eliminate more jobs than it creates.

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Engage your customers with human interaction -- brick-and-mortar retail's proven advantage.

Business Journal

Learn how to keep your customers happy in a quickly changing restaurant industry.

Americans' impressions of six major sectors of the U.S. economy grew significantly more positive this year. Others improved slightly, while none lost ground.

About one in four U.S. workers say it is likely that their job will be eliminated by new technology, automation, artificial intelligence or robots within the next 20 years.

The image of the U.S. real estate industry improved for the fifth straight year in 2016, with more than twice as many Americans having a positive view (44%) as a negative view (21%).

Of 25 business and industry sectors, the restaurant industry has the top image score this year, with 66% of Americans rating it positively and only 7% negatively. Computers are a close second, while the federal government is dead last.

Americans' average views of 24 business and industry sectors continue to grow more positive after falling precipitously in 2008 during the Great Recession.