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Gallup explores the impact of wellbeing and provides insights for leaders of businesses and communities.

New Meta and Gallup research finds that most people worldwide feel connected to others, but not always to the same degree.

According to a Gallup survey, strong parent-teen bonds have a greater impact on teen mental health than social media usage.

Learn how social connections vary across different geographic regions.

A new Meta and Gallup report shows young people in seven countries across the world feel supported by others. When they need support, they most frequently seek in-person interactions, often using technology as a supplement.

U.S. teens average nearly five hours a day on social media. Personality traits and parental restrictions greatly affect teen social media usage patterns.

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Americans commonly use social media platforms and hold accounts with the most popular ones, though they infrequently post their own content.

A new study by Gallup and Meta helps fill the data gap in what the world knows about how connected people feel and how they connect with others.

Download the Meta-Gallup State of Social Connections report

A new UNICEF study reveals new insights into the changing nature of childhood, including how young people are staying informed and the institutions they trust.

Billions worldwide are helping others.

Some Americans may literally define the "working class" as those who are working, rather than as a position in the socioeconomic hierarchy.

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News flash: Your team's chats around the water cooler aren't necessarily time wasters. Gallup research shows that socializing is good for your employees' well-being -- and your company's performance.

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Many companies apply a mass marketing approach to social media. They launch Facebook pages or have their CEOs tweet brand-friendly messages -- assuming that all social networkers are the same. They're not.

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Recent Gallup research debunks significant myths regarding social media: that it helps companies efficiently acquire customers, that social networkers are all the same, and that social networking is an online-only phenomenon.

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Misery may love company, but is the opposite true? Does well-being love company? More specifically, does living in a household with someone who has high well-being boost your chances of having high well-being? Gallup researchers probed these questions.

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Social connections explain a lot -- from why some teams excel to why, when a husband comes home crabby, his wife soon becomes cranky too. That begs the question: What would social connections do for business if executives used them on purpose?

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Gallup researchers have found that Social Well-Being -- having strong relationships and love in your life -- is vital to your health, happiness, and even to your productivity at work. The authors of Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements explain why.

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Contrary to their every instinct, managers should actually encourage their workers to chit-chat, to gather around the water cooler.