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by Jim Clifton

What if trust in science, health and vaccines crashed? A new global survey probes these and other urgent questions.

Learn why trust in leadership is low, why it varies greatly from one team to another and how leaders can start building a culture of trust today.

Struggles with indifferent B2B and banking customers were major business challenges covered in 2016.

Millennials are the most trusting generation when it comes to the security and privacy of their personal data.

Americans' trust that companies will protect their personal information has declined significantly during the past year.

NBC News Managing Editor and Nightly News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended without pay for six months as a result of his superiors' determination that he "misrepresented events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War," and also about concerns that occurred while he was "talking about his experiences in the field" outside of NBC News.

Early last decade, Campbell Soup was struggling. Its stock price was down, and the company wasn't meeting earnings expectations. That's when CEO Douglas Conant stepped in. Here's how he turned around an iconic brand -- first by winning the trust of his employees.

Most collaborators, even many of the best, do not realize the role communication plays in creating a powerful partnership. Every time two counterparts talk, their relationship is altered. What goes on beneath the surface is more important than the information exchanged.

In a good collaboration, partners make statements like "two heads are better than one." In a bad one, they make comments such as "I'd have been better off working by myself" or "I wish I'd never even met him." Here's how collaborators can forgive and (hopefully) forget.

Marketers can no longer take it for granted. And whether or not customer loyalty is actually a relic of the past, it shows all the signs of becoming an endangered species. A Gallup branding expert offers a deep dive into what the concept of loyalty really is.

In a good collaboration, 58% of partners strongly agree that they trust each other. Trust is indeed essential in partnerships, as every partner needs to be able to depend on his counterpart for the collaboration to achieve excellence, say the authors of Power of 2.

By investing in leadership development, ALJ Saudi Arabia automotive has been thriving amid the financial crisis. But its success isn't the product of chance or serendipity. ALJ has been preparing for the worst as well as the best for several years, writes a top company executive.

Our unconscious gestures and expressions affect business, says MIT Professor Alex Pentland. In this interview, he describes what "honest signals" are, how they work, why they can't be controlled, and how these involuntary signals change our perceptions of risk, reward, and trust.

How can organizations make sure that the inherent uncertainty in today's environment and associated redundancies at their own companies aren't disruptive? They must first understand what employees look for from their leaders, whether that is the senior team or the line manager.

Medical errors are responsible for injury in 1 out of every 25 hospital patients and perhaps up to 98,000 deaths each year. These events are not only tragic -- they're costly. An engaged staff can cure this problem.

Mergers, acquisitions, joint marketing agreements: Some thrive; many fail. Two management experts say that successful corporate marriages aren't all that different from productive partnerships between two colleagues. Here are the eight elements of a prosperous merger.