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Gallup World Poll

The pandemic changed life around the planet.

Find out how much from the largest survey of the world in 2020.

During the first full year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gallup asked more than 300,000 people across 110+ countries and territories how the pandemic affected their lives and livelihoods -- and their willingness to take vaccines.

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Gallup World Poll

Explore how people around the world answered our questions and how close -- or far apart -- their viewpoints are.

To what extent has your life been affected by the coronavirus situation?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected people's lives -- everywhere. Nearly half of people worldwide (45%) said their lives had been affected "a lot" by the coronavirus situation.

% Affected A Lot


% Would Take Vaccine

If a vaccine to prevent coronavirus was available right now at no cost, would you agree to be vaccinated?

Nearly 1.3 billion adults would not agree to be vaccinated. More than two in three adults worldwide (68%) -- below the 70% to 90% estimates for herd immunity -- said they would agree to be vaccinated if a coronavirus vaccine was available to them at no cost.

% Washed Hands At Least 5 Times

About how many times did you wash your hands with soap yesterday or use hand sanitizer?

More than half of people worldwide washed their hands at least five times yesterday. Sixty-four percent of women washed their hands this often, compared with 52% of men.

Economic Impact

% Workers Who Stopped Working Temporarily

Have you temporarily stopped working at your job or business?

Nearly 2 billion people who had jobs at the outset of the pandemic said yes. Worldwide, these percentages ranged from a high of 79% in Zimbabwe to a low of 6% in Germany.

% Workers Who Lost Job

Have you lost your job or business?

More than 1 billion lost their jobs. Nearly one in three people who had jobs when the pandemic hit (32%) said they lost their job or business because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

% Workers Who Worked Fewer Hours

Have you worked fewer hours at your job or business?

About 1.6 billion who had jobs at the outset of the pandemic said yes. Nearly half of those who had jobs at the time of the pandemic (49%) said they worked fewer hours at their job or business because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

% Workers Who Earned Less

Have you received less money than usual from your employer?

Nearly 2 billion had their earnings cut. Half of those with jobs at the time of the survey (50%) said they received less money than usual from their employers because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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