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New Global Household Income Metrics

New Global Household Income Metrics

by Steve Crabtree

Gallup has been collecting self-reported household income data since 2006 from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Using these data, Gallup's researchers have created new, useful measures that are comparable from country to country and supplement existing global income metrics. These data provide a previously unavailable worldwide benchmark for investigating cross-country relationships between self-reported income levels and a broad range of other well-being indicators.

Complete income data for all countries are now available through Gallup Analytics, a new subscription-based Web portal that allows users to analyze U.S. and global survey data on issues such as government and business, health and well-being, infrastructure, and education.

We will be releasing a series of articles starting Dec. 16 on that provide valuable insights using our new household income metrics:

  • The first article will discuss two of the most straightforward, but tremendously useful indicators: household income and per-capita income across countries worldwide.
  • The second article will discuss the incidence of global poverty at the country and regional level based on Gallup's income estimates.
  • The third article will examine income inequality -- both within and among countries -- and show how Gallup's data relates to other well-being indicators.

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Steve Crabtree contributed to writing Building Engaged Schools, Gallup's book on education reform.

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