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As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, Gallup and Healthways are publishing a new series examining how Americans' health and well-being have changed during his eight years in office.

This week on -- smartphones in American life. This series will explore how often users check their smartphones, whether they make purchases using their smartphone or computer and how anxious they would be without their phone.

Gallup this month released a new report, the State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders. This week, we will discuss and build on this research, delving into managers' experiences in various aspects of life, including well-being, politics, entrepreneurship and engagement at work.

This week, we kick off our annual "State of the States" series on These articles will provide analysis into state-level data for key political, economic, religion and well-being measures, based on Gallup Daily tracking in 2014. launched a series last year exploring the largest generation of Americans, those born from 1946 through 1964 -- the baby boomers. As this segment of the population continues to mature through middle age and considers retirement, we decided once again to look at how the "silver tsunami" will affect the workforce, the healthcare system and the world.

This week, will spotlight Gallup's latest findings from its surveys conducted in Ukraine in September and October 2014. The results offer the latest glimpse into Ukrainians' lives since they became embroiled in a conflict that has so far claimed more than 4,000 lives and raised tensions between the West and Russia to levels not seen since the Cold War.

Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal brain cancer, took her own life on Nov. 1, as authorized under Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act." After finding out that she had six months to live and would suffer tremendously as her condition progressed, she decided that she would prefer to end her life on her own terms with the aid of a doctor and specialized drugs. Maynard and her family moved to Oregon, one of five states including Montana, Washington, New Mexico and Vermont that allow physician-assisted death, so she could end her life when her suffering became too great.

The states that signed on to implement the Common Core State Standards – 43 of them plus Washington, D.C. -- have been phasing the curricula into their schools for a year or more. But this is the school year in which schools are supposed to fully implement the standards and when testing aligned with the standards begins.

This week, Gallup Business Journal, and The Gallup Blog present a series devoted to exploring a variety of questions relating to women and the workplace. In light of ongoing debates in the media about equal pay for women, flexible work schedules, and whether a woman can "have it all," Gallup lends data-based context to the suppositions with Women and the Workplace. This series is a comprehensive examination of working women's opinions across the concentrations of business, well-being, politics, the economy, and the international sphere.

With the 2014 midterm elections fast approaching, we are pleased to announce our 2014 Statewide Scorecards are now live on These scorecards may serve as handy guides to the most pressing issues confronting residents state by state.

This week, will feature its first-ever series dedicated to how people worldwide answer some of today's most pressing questions on employment and the economy. Drawing from Gallup's World Poll surveys in more than 150 countries, The Economy of the World series will look at how people in different countries see their local job markets, their own employment situations, and where they see their economies headed.

This week, will feature a special series about mobile technology and how it is shaping the world. The series, How Mobile Technology Is Shaping Society, will explore the implications of mobile technology for business, politics, and well-being. Gallup recently conducted a comprehensive poll to determine how many people in the U.S. own smartphones and tablets, whether employers expect their workers to check email remotely "after hours," and how often employees do so. This poll was designed to illuminate the link people have with their mobile devices and the resulting effects on society.

The way we evaluate whether a student receives "a proper education" continues to evolve. While students have more ways to receive an education, especially through online learning, education leaders everywhere are now asking different, more pointed questions about the state of education and how to make it more effective. Namely, is the student's interest level at school -- how "engaged" he or she is -- as important, or even more important, than grades and standardized test scores?

For the last several weeks, has published state-level stories as part of our "State of the States" series.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been an important figure on the world stage for nearly 15 years. During that time, both Americans and Russians have had a complex relationship with the one-time KGB operative.

We are now three weeks into our "State of the States" series on

The much-anticipated "State of the States" series has begun on The state-level findings in this series are based on key political, economic, and well-being measures from Gallup Daily tracking throughout 2013.

There has never been a generation in the U.S. like the baby boomers. Those born after World War II, between the years 1946 and 1964, through their sheer demographic size have redefined the world throughout a period of incredible economic and technological expansion.

Gallup has been collecting self-reported household income data since 2006 from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Using these data, Gallup's researchers have created new, useful measures that are comparable from country to country and supplement existing global income metrics. These data provide a previously unavailable worldwide benchmark for investigating cross-country relationships between self-reported income levels and a broad range of other well-being indicators.

As Western nations weigh how they will react to the situation in Syria, Gallup provides new insights into Syrians' views amid the now more than two-year-old conflict.