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Ukraine in Crisis

This week, will spotlight Gallup's latest findings from its surveys conducted in Ukraine in September and October 2014. The results offer the latest glimpse into Ukrainians' lives since they became embroiled in a conflict that has so far claimed more than 4,000 lives and raised tensions between the West and Russia to levels not seen since the Cold War. The Ukraine in Crisis series will focus on what's next for Ukraine. This will include Ukrainians' outlook on future relations with Russia and the West, what they think it will take to stabilize their country, and the challenges facing their country's new leadership beyond the conflict with Russian-backed separatists in the East.

Now on, you can read the first article, which delves into Ukrainians' souring approval ratings of Russia since Russia's annexation of Crimea earlier this year. It also looks at their views toward the U.S., the European Union and NATO.

Please join us for a weeklong look inside Ukraine. The articles in this series will include:

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Julie Ray is a writer and editor at Gallup.

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