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The Queue
The Rising Presence of Smartphones in American Life
The Queue

The Rising Presence of Smartphones in American Life

by Art Swift

The smartphone has become a focal part of our day, in both our work life and our personal life. It has become a vital component of the business arena. We use it to communicate with others, make purchases, follow the news, access entertainment and keep us on time for our daily appointments.

This week on, we explore the rising ubiquity of smartphones in the U.S. today. We will report results from a special survey of more than 15,000 smartphone users' habits, including how often Americans use their smartphones and whether they think it has made their lives better. How often do they buy items with a smartphone, or do they prefer a computer for online purchases? Do they use it to manage their finances? When a new smartphone comes out, do users need to upgrade right away or can they wait until their current phone stops working?

Probing further, could Americans consider life without a smartphone? What if one loses their smartphone -- how anxious would they be? Is it something you keep near you when you sleep? Do you need to check your phone every few minutes, a few times an hour or less than once a day? By asking these questions and more, we get to the heart of how pervasive smartphones are becoming in American life.

We also will present three business features about digital wallets and Apple Pay. Are consumers adopting digital wallets? What are ways to engage customers through this unique mode of payment? And with all the hype about Apple Pay's launch last year, is this particular digital wallet destined for success?

Join us this week for this exploration of a technology that has revolutionized all aspects of modern life.

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