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State of the States
This Week on "State of the States"
State of the States

This Week on "State of the States"

by Alyssa Davis

This week, we kick off our annual "State of the States" series on These articles will provide analysis into state-level data for key political, economic, religion and well-being measures, based on Gallup Daily tracking in 2014.

Here's the upcoming schedule:

Monday, Feb. 2: Obama Job Approval by state
Wednesday, Feb. 4: Political party identification by state
Friday, Feb. 6: Ideology by state

Monday, Feb. 9: Economic Confidence Index by state
Wednesday, Feb. 11: Job Creation Index by state
Friday, Feb. 13: Payroll to Population and underemployment rates by state

Wednesday, Feb. 18: Church attendance by state
Thursday, Feb. 19: Well-Being by state

Tuesday, Feb. 24: Uninsured rates by state

We will be adding more state-level articles and publishing well-being state stories, such as obesity and smoking throughout the year, so stay tuned. We also will be updating our State of the States interactive with new data each week, and we invite you to check back for that.

The best way to get every state-level story as soon as it is published is to sign up for Gallup email alerts and select "All Gallup Headlines."

Schedule updated Feb. 10, 2015.

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