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It's State Data Day on

For the last several weeks, has published state-level stories as part of our "State of the States" series. Today, we put together all the data we've been reporting on by officially launching our State of the States interactive. This easy-to-use interactive is filled with data on Americans' political views, economic attitudes, health and well-being, and religiosity.

Using this treasure trove of data, you can:

  • Access data based on 29 different metrics by state from 2013
  • View data by metric or state
  • Sort across states
  • Map how each metric breaks out across states

We encourage policymakers and journalists to delve into the data to uncover valuable insights and develop your own unique analysis or article. For inspiration, check out the articles has published so far using the data available in the updated State of the States interactive.

And there are always more state date available to satisfy your craving. By subscribing to Gallup Analytics you can explore and export the full trends since 2008 by state and metric.

Happy State Data Day and let the data expeditions begin!

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