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This Week on Insights Into Being a Successful Manager
The Queue

This Week on Insights Into Being a Successful Manager

by Art Swift

Gallup will be publishing a new series this week about managers -- those in our workforce who guide teams and provide leadership in challenging situations. As the United States continues to seek and maintain a competitive edge in the business world, Gallup has determined that companies with great managers are usually the most successful in their industries. That's why it is imperative for organizations to hire talented managers -- to build the strongest organizations possible.

Gallup this month released a new report, the State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, which provides an in-depth look at what characterizes great managers based on more than four decades of extensive talent research.

This week, we will discuss and build on this research, delving into managers' experiences in various aspects of life, including well-being, politics, entrepreneurship and engagement at work:

  • Monday
    • For managers, what is talent and why does it matter?
  • Tuesday
    • What do entrepreneurs need to do in order to successfully manage their business?
  • Wednesday
    • As a leader, what is it like to manage a team remotely?
  • Thursday
    • How do Americans rate President Barack Obama as a manager of the U.S. government compared with other U.S. presidents?
    • How do depression rates among managers compare with rates among those working in other professions?
  • Friday
    • What is the link between managers' well-being and how engaged they are at work?

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