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How Mobile Technology Is Shaping Society

How Mobile Technology Is Shaping Society

by Art Swift

This week, will feature a special series about mobile technology and how it is shaping the world. The series, How Mobile Technology Is Shaping Society, will explore the implications of mobile technology for business, politics, and well-being. Gallup recently conducted a comprehensive poll to determine how many people in the U.S. own smartphones and tablets, whether employers expect their workers to check email remotely "after hours," and how often employees do so. This poll was designed to illuminate the link people have with their mobile devices and the resulting effects on society.

We will explore whether the seeming omnipresence of mobile telephones and tablets in everyday life is making people more connected to their workplace, family, and friends. We will also analyze how mobile purchasing affects brick-and-mortar stores.

Please join us for a week-long look into this rapidly changing environment. The articles in this series will include:

  • Monday: The impact of mobile technology on interpersonal communications
  • Tuesday: How companies can increase the amount of purchases on mobile devices (Gallup Business Journal), and the impact of mobile technology on the political process today
  • Wednesday: A look at the "two different worlds" of workers today -- those who use mobile technology to work outside of normal working hours and those who don't
  • Thursday: Sub-Saharan Africans who are receiving mobile technology before ever having landline telephones, and the impact of this advanced technology
  • Friday: How the use of mobile technology affects employees' well-being

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