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The Economy of the World

This week, will feature its first-ever series dedicated to how people worldwide answer some of today's most pressing questions on employment and the economy. Drawing from Gallup's World Poll surveys in more than 150 countries, The Economy of the World series will look at how people in different countries see their local job markets, their own employment situations, and where they see their economies headed.

Now on, you can read the first article, which delves into whether people in 138 countries think it is a good time or a bad time to find a job.

Please join us for a weeklong dive into the global economy as the world sees it. The articles in this series will include:

  • Monday: Good time or bad time to find a job
  • Tuesday: Gallup's global Payroll to Population employment rate
  • Wednesday: Gallup's Global Economic Confidence Index
  • Thursday: Bank confidence: Failing or earning trust?
  • Friday: The education-jobs connection in Africa

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Julie Ray is a writer and editor at Gallup.

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