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The 2014 Midterm Statewide Scorecards

The 2014 Midterm Statewide Scorecards

by Art Swift

With the 2014 midterm elections fast approaching, we are pleased to announce our 2014 Statewide Scorecards are now live on These scorecards may serve as handy guides to the most pressing issues confronting residents state by state.

Each scorecard is comprised of metrics in 14 keys areas of American life, including political, economic and cultural measures. To create the scorecards, Gallup utilizes its 350,000 completed interviews each year, along with our unique 2013 50-state poll that includes more than 600 interviews in each state. The result is a comprehensive look at what Americans are thinking on a variety of the following topics:

  • Partisanship
  • Ideology
  • Presidential job approval
  • Trust in your state's government
  • Confidence in the U.S. economy
  • Confidence in your state's economy
  • Good time to get a job in your city or area
  • State taxes not too high
  • Payroll to Population rate
  • Best state to live in
  • Whether a resident would like to remain in state
  • Whether a resident is satisfied with a city or area
  • Religiosity
  • Whether the city or area one lives in is a good place for racial or ethnic minorities

From now until Election Day in November, will be presenting in-depth analyses in key battleground states. This week, we start with the North Carolina Senate race. We encourage you to use the scorecards when evaluating particular Senate races. These scorecards will illuminate issues facing voters state by state in a distinct way.

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