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The Queue
Reaching Into the Gallup Vault
The Queue

Reaching Into the Gallup Vault

by Art Swift

Today, we are excited to introduce a new feature on the Gallup Vault. Each week, Gallup's Senior Editor Lydia Saad will dig deep into Gallup's polling archives to uncover data that tie in with a current event, historical milestone or just are of interest to our readers. These entries will be short and succinct, discussing one unique data point from the past.

One goal of the Gallup Vault is to highlight trends from Gallup's 80 years of polling that have relevance today. The first entry we are pulling from the Vault is about the vast majority of Americans who, in 1938, agreed with the idea that all noncitizens in this country need to be fingerprinted. Haven't we heard rhetoric like this recently?

The Gallup Vault will also occasionally include direct quotes from the original news releases about the data from our founder, Dr. George Gallup. Citing Dr. Gallup is a way to show that sometimes history repeats itself, while other times, events of the past truly were isolated incidents. Gallup has the longest trends in survey research in the U.S., and mining this treasure trove of history will be our mission every week.

Visit in the coming weeks for new insights from the Gallup Vault, including the birth of the unemployment rate, sanctions and Nelson Mandela, and high drama over the Supreme Court.

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