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Gallup Week-in-Review

Feb. 25-March 1, 2013

From Gallup News

Sequestration Sentiment: By 45% to 37%, Americans wanted to avoid it

Top Economic Power: 53% of Americans say it is China; 32%, the U.S.

Democratic Dominance: Consistent party ID across age groups for U.S. Hispanics

Confidence Dip: U.S. economic confidence fell at the end of last week

State Wellbeing Standings: For the fourth year, Hawaii is No. 1 and W.Va. is last

No Place Like Home: Fewer Mexicans desire to migrate now than in past

From the Gallup Business Journal

Five Steps to Firing a Manager With a Disengaged Workgroup

Plus, in Gallup's Blogs

The Chairman's Blog: Build Your Career Around Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

The Gallup Blog: Bankers: Engaged Clients Are More Likely to Grow Their Deposits

The Queue: State Data Bonanza on


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