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Trump Approval Remains High for Him, at 46%

Trump Approval Remains High for Him, at 46%

Story Highlights

  • Trump's latest rating similar to first post-Mueller report figure
  • GOP approval of Trump at 91%; 12% of Democrats approve of the president

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Approval of President Donald Trump's job performance remains relatively high for him following the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's report in late March, and amid a flurry of positive economic news. After jumping from 39% in early March to 45% in the first half of April, Trump's approval rating held at 46% in a new Gallup poll conducted April 17-30.

Line graph. President Donald Trump’s job approval rating reached 46%, a new high for him.

The latest rating extends the upper limits of President Donald Trump's narrow approval rating range by one percentage point, from his previous range of 35% to 45%. In addition to the initial interpretation of the Mueller report, which Trump claimed vindicated him from charges that he had colluded with Russia, the economy has offered several reasons for Americans to look more favorably on Trump. These include a strong jobs report on April 5, news that U.S. gross domestic product increased by 3.2% in the first quarter, and U.S. stocks reaching new highs.

More negative news for Trump about the Mueller investigation has appeared since Gallup's latest field period ended, including revelations that Mueller had disputed Attorney General William Barr's synopsis of the report, claiming that he had misled the public. This revelation has led to questions over Barr's honesty in recent days as well as demands from some Democrats that Barr resign -- but any public reaction to that would not be reflected in the latest approval rating.

Trump Approval at Higher Levels Among Both Democrats and Republicans

Trump's 91% approval rating among Republicans in the latest poll is on the high end for this group, nearly matching the record high of 92% from November of last year. Democrats' ratings of Trump remain low but relatively high for this group -- the latest 12% he receives from Democrats matches their previous high from April 2017. Approval of the president is essentially unchanged among independents -- the current 37% is similar to their previous rating of 39%.

Line graph. President Donald Trump’s job approval rating by political affiliation.

Bottom Line

Trump's breakthrough with Americans in April, with his job score essentially reverting to his term high point after some rocky months, likely reflects two factors: perceptions that claims of any wrongdoing in the 2016 election have been squelched, and some important economic improvements. As such, these two factors will also likely determine his 2020 reelection potential.

If the economy hums along in the coming year, Americans' confidence in his and other leaders' economic management may buoy Trump's approval rating past the 50% mark.

Meanwhile, the continuing post-Mueller report events on Capitol Hill could spell trouble if congressional Democrats uncover wrongdoing on the part of Trump or anyone in his orbit, including Attorney General Barr. But Democrats' actions could also politically backfire if Americans are ready to move past the report and its findings and more decide they approve of the leader in the White House.

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