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Trump Approval Edges Down to 42%

Trump Approval Edges Down to 42%

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump's job approval rating currently stands at 42%, slightly below his prior rating from the latter half of April when 46% approved, the highest rating of his presidency thus far. Trump's latest approval rating remains better than the 35% lows seen several times during his first year in office.

 Line graph. Donald Trump’s job approval rating since he took office in Jan. 2017. Latest is 42%.

Trump's 46% job approval rating in late April was largely due to positive economic news and the release of Special Counsel Mueller's report about the investigation into the Trump campaign's possible involvement with Russia. Americans' reactions to these two factors may have since been tempered by events that occurred during the latest Gallup poll, conducted May 1-12.

Although there was positive news from the May jobs report showing unemployment was at its lowest level since 1969, less positive economic news followed when talks with China in the ongoing trade war ended without a deal, resulting in China's decision to increase tariffs on some U.S. goods. At the same time, Congressional Democrats continued to contemplate their next move in dealing with the findings of the Mueller report.

Opinions of Trump remain sharply polarized as 90% of Republicans, 33% of independents and 9% of Democrats currently approve of his job performance. Republicans' and Democrats' ratings of the president have not deviated much over the course of his presidency, but independents have been somewhat more variable in their views.

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