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Your managers are more likely to experience burnout than the people they manage. See how to prevent it and improve organizational resilience.

Americans' rating of Congress has fallen to 18%, the lowest point in more than a year, which is largely owed to a 10-point decline among Democrats.

Americans' satisfaction with the nation's abortion policies is at a two-decade low of 24%, while the percentage who are dissatisfied because they believe the laws are too strict is at a high of 30%.

Three empirically proven actions create stability when uncertainty is the norm.

Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic and worried about catching the virus. They are engaging in fewer activities that put them in direct contact with those outside their households.

Joe Biden averaged 49% job approval his first year in office, with only Donald Trump having a lower first-year average. Biden's ratings were the most politically polarized ratings for a president in his first year.

None of the major political events of recent years has altered where Americans place themselves on the ideological spectrum from liberal to conservative.

Although the U.S. political party affiliation average for 2021 was similar to prior years, the country shifted from a nine-point Democratic preference early in the year to a five-point Republican advantage near the end.

It's time to set new goals -- or take a fresh look at the ones you've already made.

An estimated 55.1% of U.S. adults rate their lives well enough to be classified as "thriving," down four points from the record high measured in June.

Gallup's annual measure of honesty and ethics of professions finds several earning their lowest ratings yet, including military leaders, judges, and TV reporters. Nurses are rated best among the 22 occupations measured in 2021.

More Americans than in 2020 are donating money to charities, with the percentage doing so close to pre-pandemic levels. Fewer are volunteering than before the pandemic.

Before the recent unrest in Kazakhstan, people's confidence in their government was at an all-time low, and many were struggling to get by on their current income.

U.S. adults on average read 12.6 books in 2021, three fewer books than in the prior measurement from 2016.

Few Hispanic Americans prefer the term "Latinx" even as controversies have emerged over its use.

Three in five Americans say they did not go to a movie theater in the past year, while 31% saw between one and four movies and 9% attended more than that.

Employees are less engaged than they were a year ago. See why the rise in disengagement calls for a return to the basics.

Gallup begins the new year with a look at our biggest global discoveries in 2021 and what's ahead in 2022.