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Element 10 Best Friend

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Having a best friend at work increases employee engagement. Learn how engagement levels are affected by your employees' "best friend" statuses.

Learn how to improve employee engagement by meeting your remote workers' need for a best friend at work.

35% of U.S. Managers Are Engaged in Their Jobs

How does employee engagement move through an organization? Does it begin in the executive suite and move down through managers to frontline workers? Or does it come from all different directions? Gallup researchers set out to tackle these essential leadership questions.

Social connections explain a lot -- from why some teams excel to why, when a husband comes home crabby, his wife soon becomes cranky too. That begs the question: What would social connections do for business if executives used them on purpose?

Gallup researchers have found that Social Well-Being -- having strong relationships and love in your life -- is vital to your health, happiness, and even to your productivity at work. The authors of Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements explain why.

Most people equate well-being with being wealthy and healthy. That's not the whole story, say the authors of Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. In this interview, they explore the basics of well-being and what we can do to increase our own well-being.

Contrary to their every instinct, managers should actually encourage their workers to chit-chat, to gather around the water cooler.

Companies can reduce costly churn if managers know what to look for. But they usually don't -- and that's because too many managers think money is at the root of the turnover issue. This article uncovers the real sources of the problem and reveals the reasons most people quit. Find out how to keep good employees from walking out the door.

Measured by the statement "I have a best friend at work," this element has proven to be incredibly controversial to executives. But those business leaders who think friendships are none of their business don’t understand human nature, according to the authors of 12: The Elements of Great Managing.

A recent Gallup study of the U.S. workforce reveals this simple yet powerful formula: strengths development + engagement = innovation. Learn more about this national study and how its findings can be applied to your company.

This manager in India was faced with a poor-performing team and tremendous pressure to turn it around. To tackle this pressing problem, he took a surprising and totally unconventional approach: He fostered workplace friendships.

Yes indeed, according to research. In fact, managers who demonstrate care for employees have more engaged staffs. So writes bestselling author Tom Rath in his latest book, Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without, which was released this month.

Gathering employee feedback is essential for any organization, but what matters most is that executives take action on that feedback. If you handle that follow-up right, your employees will be far more productive -- and your business much more profitable. Here's how to manage those critical next steps.

It's essential for companies to energize the people who have the most direct contact with customers. Here are three keys to increasing agents' dedication, enthusiasm, and customer focus.

If the Thai government is counting on that country's employees to fuel a vibrant, progressive economy, it should be forewarned that its efforts may remain stuck in neutral. A recent Gallup Employee Engagement Index survey in Thailand revealed that "engaged" employees make up only 12% of the country's employee population.

The more engaged employees are at work, the more likely they are to be physically and psychologically healthy, according to the latest GMJ Employee Engagement Index survey of U.S. workers.

Why does it matter when a boss takes a personal interest in his employees? Just ask the people at a Qwest call center who once faced an uncertain future and, inspired by a great manager, turned it into the biggest and best site in the company.

Three years ago, ASB Bank was an admirable financial institution. Twelve employee survey items (and a whole lot of work) later, it has increased its total assets by $7.5 billion and become truly world-class. Find out how.

Negative relationships at work may be a big reason why so many American employees are not engaged with their jobs, according to the Gallup Management Journal's semi-annual Employee Engagement Index.