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Republican Nomination Race

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Republicans' views of Ted Cruz are now at a new low, with 39% viewing him favorably and 45% unfavorably. This reflects a steep slide in his image over the last couple of weeks. Donald Trump's image is up to +24 among Republicans.

Donald Trump is more unpopular than other major candidates with national adults, yet his image among Republicans is better than Cruz's. At times this year, Trump's image has matched Mitt Romney's image in the 2012 election.

Ted Cruz's net favorable rating among Republicans has dropped from as positive as +48 less than a month ago to +32. Donald Trump's image is steadier, at +27.

Donald Trump's image among Democrats and independents is significantly more negative than any other major GOP candidate's.

Donald Trump's image among Americans has trended slightly up, not down, after his Dec. 7 statement that the U.S. should prevent Muslims from entering the country. Unexpectedly, his image has worsened among Republicans but improved among Democrats.