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Supplier Engagement

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Disengaged suppliers damage businesses visibly and invisibly, while engaged ones help customers more than they may realize.

B2B leaders need authentic agility and a customer-centric workplace culture to survive disruption and beat the competition.

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Companies that have a close relationship with their suppliers enjoy key business benefits.

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Distributors sell your products and services like employees, yet have needs and demands like customers. It's a complex relationship -- but the best suppliers treat them like partners.

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For companies to get the most out of their supplier relationships, they must aim to emotionally engage suppliers and become a "customer of choice."

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The healthcare industry knows it must cut costs and conform to changing federal rules. One solution: Pay less for supplies -- but that's dangerous for hospitals, vendors, and patients.

Distributors aren't really employees. Nor are they customers -- they're more like partners. Gallup has found that companies can get the most out of these crucial relationships. Here's how.