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Explore New Data in "State of the States"

Explore New Data in "State of the States"

by Alyssa Davis

We are in the midst of our latest update on our annual "State of the States" series, based on Gallup Daily tracking and Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index data collected throughout 2015. As in the past, we are publishing new data and insights on the most important political, economic, religion and well-being topics at the state level. You can map and explore the data in our State of the States interactive and check out the articles we have published so far.

This year, we will publish more state data than ever before. Gallup conducted a special 50-state poll on important topics ranging from state residents' views on taxes, education and crime, to their plans to permanently relocate to a different state. Watch for articles on these topics in the coming weeks.

Later this month, we will follow our "State of the States" series with a deep dive into the state of U.S. communities to give leaders even more actionable data to improve the lives of their residents.

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