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At 36%, Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Is at 8-Month High

At 36%, Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Is at 8-Month High

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Although a broad majority of Americans (63%) remain dissatisfied with the direction of the U.S., the percentage who say they are satisfied has edged up five percentage points since last month to 36%, its highest point since last fall.

Line graph. Satisfaction with the way things are going in the U.S. since 1979, currently 36%.

This latest satisfaction reading, from a May 1-12 Gallup poll, is on the high end of the recent trend, which hadn't surpassed 35% since last October, nor hit 40% since 2005. The public's improved perceptions of the job market in the country may be behind the latest increase in general satisfaction with the way things are going in the U.S.

Yet, this reading remains sharply polarized, as Republicans are nearly five times as likely as Democrats to say they are satisfied with the direction of the U.S., 62% to 13%.

At the same time, government (23%) and immigration (19%) continue to top the list of issues cited as the most important problems facing the country, as they have done recently.

Most Important U.S. Problem, May 2019
What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?
U.S. adults
The government/Poor leadership 23
Immigration 19
Healthcare 7
Race relations/Racism 6
Economy in general 4
Environment/Pollution/Climate change 4
Unifying the country 4
Education 4
Lack of respect for each other 3
Ethics/Moral/Religious/Family decline 3
Poverty/Hunger/Homelessness 3
Unemployment/Jobs 3
Federal budget deficit/Federal debt 2
Gap between rich and poor 2
Crime/Violence 2
Judicial system/Courts/Laws 2
Drugs 2
Problems mentioned by less than 2% of U.S. adults not shown
Gallup, May 1-12, 2019

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