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Black Life Experience: Public Opinions Since 1935
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Black Life Experience: Public Opinions Since 1935

by Camille Lloyd and Korpo Momolu

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- At the Gallup Center on Black Voices, our commitment to measure and report the Black experience ensures that we will no longer question whether we have made progress -- we will know!

Since 1935, Gallup has captured public opinion on key moments in Black history. As we reflect on our rich history and embrace the lessons from our experiences, we are hopeful for the possibilities of meaningful change. Our earliest polls documented strong public support for anti-lynching legislation in the 1930s -- a bill that has yet to pass. Capturing the growing support among Americans for the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s was crucial to establishing the importance of public opinion and informing leaders on Americans' desire for change. Our longstanding trends on interracial marriage and willingness to vote for a Black presidential candidate illustrates the transformation of public attitudes on race in the U.S.

These moments tell the American story: how the seemingly impossible can become a reality, how triumph can be had despite severe hardships, and how the actions of everyday people can move a nation forward.

We are reminded of the importance of documenting the Black experience and amplifying our voices. With the 100-year commitment, here is what we can promise those who will be reading this a hundred years from now:

  • We are highlighting experiences of more Black Americans than ever before on everything that matters.

Some of our early research has lacked adequate sample sizes to understand the varied experiences within the Black population. Gallup's creation of the Center has empowered us to include greater numbers of Black Americans and dive deeper into the many groups and identities that make up our community.

  • We are regularly tracking progress across key areas of Black life, and we will continue to evolve as we make discoveries and breakthroughs.

The Center has identified six key pillars of research: justice, health and wellbeing, economic opportunity, jobs and work, education, and community and environment. Our latest findings are just the beginning of this century-long mission.

We encourage you to visit our site throughout the month, where we will highlight Gallup's contributions to Black history, and to subscribe to receive our latest research and insights on the perspectives and experiences of Black Americans.

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