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Eight in 10 in U.S. Experiencing Significant Disruption

Eight in 10 in U.S. Experiencing Significant Disruption

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Eighty-one percent of U.S. adults say their lives have been disrupted either a great deal (33%) or a fair amount (48%) by the coronavirus situation. The percentage experiencing at least a fair amount of disruption has increased from 56% in March 13-15 interviewing. Most of the change occurred between the first and second week of polling, with little movement since then.

Line graph. 81% of U.S. adults, up from 56% in mid-March, say their lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus situation.

Clearly, the shutdowns in schools and non-essential businesses, as well as social distancing recommendations, have affected nearly every American -- just 1% say their lives have not been disrupted at all.

The latest figures are based on March 30-April 2 online interviews with members of Gallup's randomly selected national panel.

Americans expect the disruptions to continue for longer than they did in mid-March. Currently, 19% believe the disruptions will continue for "a few more weeks," down from 37% in March 13-15 polling. Twenty-two percent -- up from 13% -- expect them to last the rest of the year or longer. The majority of 59% expect disruptions to last a few more months.

Line graph. Americans’ expectations for the length of the disruption to U.S. life before it improves.

Age and education status are major differentiators in the extent to which Americans' lives have been disrupted. Younger adults and college graduates are more likely to say so than older adults and college nongraduates. Still, at least seven in 10 older Americans and college nongraduates report significant disruptions in their lives.

Younger U.S. Adults, College Graduates More Likely to Say Their Lives Have Been Disrupted
To what extent has your own life been affected or disrupted by the coronavirus situation -- a great deal, a fair amount, not much, not at all?
A great deal A fair amount A great deal/fair amount
% % %
18-44 years 41 45 86
45-64 years 30 50 80
65+ years 24 49 73
College graduate
Yes 41 47 88
No 29 49 78
Annual household income
Less than $36,000 36 40 76
$36,000-<$90,000 33 48 81
$90,000 or more 34 50 84
Yes 34 49 83
No 32 45 77
Parent of child under age 18
Yes 38 49 87
No 31 48 79
Gallup Panel, March 30-April 2, 2020

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