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Over 8 in 10 Parents Now Say Child Is Learning Remotely

Over 8 in 10 Parents Now Say Child Is Learning Remotely

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to upend life in the U.S. and growing numbers of schools have announced closures through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, formal, school-sponsored distance learning programs for K-12 children are ramping up.

In the two weeks that Gallup has been tracking the ways in which U.S. schoolchildren are being educated during the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage of parents who say their child is learning remotely through a school-sponsored online distance learning program has grown from 65% to 83%.

At the same time, the percentage of parents saying their child is being home-schooled using a parent-designed curriculum has fallen from 32% to 24%. Notably, only 4% of parents -- down from 11% -- now say their child is not receiving any instruction.

Parents of K-12 Students in U.S. Increasingly Report Online Distance Learning
Are you using any of the following for your child's education right now? Select all that apply.
Mar 23-26 Mar 27-29 Mar 30-Apr 2 Apr 3-5
% % % %
An online distance learning program from their school 65 72 78 83
Home-schooled with materials you selected 32 24 23 24
Informal free online learning program not from school 13 17 12 16
Formal paid private learning program 6 5 3 3
None of these 11 11 9 4
Gallup Panel, 2020

Parents with an annual household income of at least $90,000 are more likely than those with a household income of less than $90,000 to say their child is receiving online distance learning from their school.

These results are from a probability-based Gallup Panel survey, conducted by web April 3-5. Since it is an online survey, the data do not represent the experiences of parents who do not have internet access, either generally or specifically during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fifty-one percent of parents are generally comfortable with the situation, saying they are not too concerned (30%) or not concerned at all (21%) that it will negatively impact their child's education. Still, 18% are very concerned and 31% are moderately concerned.

K-12 Parents' Concern About Children's Education
How concerned are you that the coronavirus situation will have a negative impact on your child's education?
Mar 23-26 Mar 27-29 Mar 30-Apr 2 Apr 3-5
% % % %
Very concerned 13 15 18 18
Moderately concerned 26 32 34 31
Not too concerned 38 37 29 30
Not concerned at all 22 16 19 21
Gallup Panel, 2020

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