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Political Systems

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Less than half of Republicans, 45%, are confident in the institution of science, compared with 72% in 1975. At the same time, Democratic confidence in science has increased from 67% to 79%.

A look at the 11 questions the American people -- if they were in charge -- would ask the GOP candidates in Thursday's debate.

Americans' two major political parties are falling into disfavor. Americans are more likely now than at any other time in recent history to avoid choosing either the Republican or the Democrat label when asked to identify their political identification, with 43% instead now choosing the label "independent."

Pundits' and news commentators' fixation on who is going to win control of the House and Senate in the midterm election is a secondary issue to many Americans, who are more concerned with what is going to happen to their government after the election. Pundits should be estimating the probabilities that the institution of Congress, as a whole, is going to be fixed, regardless of who wins control.