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Football remains Americans' favorite sport to watch, with baseball and basketball a distant second.

New research from the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Gallup finds lasting benefits to student-athletes from sports participation.

In 1988, 82% of South Koreans, more than residents of eight other nations, thought the Olympics promote good relations between participant countries.

A 1972 Gallup poll found football eclipsing baseball for the first time as Americans' favorite sport to watch.

Female former student-athletes outperform other college graduates on important career and life outcomes, according to a new analysis based on the Gallup-Purdue Index.


Learn how to use the BP10 assessment to help clients identify their potential for entrepreneurial excellence, and how to use CliftonStrengths with sports teams.


Learn how a strengths coach is bringing her expertise to the world of collegiate sports, and how focusing on strengths is helping individuals and teams excel.