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by Jessica Harlan

New research from the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Gallup finds lasting benefits to student-athletes from sports participation.

In 1988, 82% of South Koreans, more than residents of eight other nations, thought the Olympics promote good relations between participant countries.

A 1972 Gallup poll found football eclipsing baseball for the first time as Americans' favorite sport to watch.

Female former student-athletes outperform other college graduates on important career and life outcomes, according to a new analysis based on the Gallup-Purdue Index.

Learn how to use the BP10 assessment to help clients identify their potential for entrepreneurial excellence, and how to use CliftonStrengths with sports teams.

Learn how CliftonStrengths play out on the athletic field and beyond, and how strikingly similar successes can be driven by strikingly different strengths.

Learn how a strengths coach is bringing her expertise to the world of collegiate sports, and how focusing on strengths is helping individuals and teams excel.