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The Broken Link Between Higher Education and Workplace Readiness

The Broken Link Between Higher Education and Workplace Readiness

Across the world, higher education is linked to higher levels of employment and life evaluation, making it the proverbial ticket to a great job and a great life. But the most recent evidence suggests that the link between higher education and graduates' readiness for today's rapidly changing workplace may be broken, says Brandon Busteed, Gallup's executive director of education and workforce development.

In his keynote address at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) last month, Busteed shared:

  • the low percentages of Americans and business leaders who believe higher education prepares graduates for workplace success
  • the six ingredients of the college or university experience that are linked to success later in life and work
  • a first peek at new data related to education from the Gallup World Poll, which consists of nationally representative surveys in 160 countries
  • the wide variance in respect for teachers globally, ranging from 95% in Uzbekistan who believe teachers are well-respected to 26% in Romania

Click the video below to watch Busteed's keynote address:


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