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Methodology Blog
Introducing Gallup's Methodology Blog
Methodology Blog

Introducing Gallup's Methodology Blog

Welcome to the Gallup Methodology Blog. Our founder, George Gallup, was a pioneer in public opinion research and dedicated his life to learning and reporting "the will of the people." For more than 80 years, Gallup has continued to research ways to accurately gather data on the attitudes and behaviors of the world's 7 billion citizens.

Gallup invests considerable resources into studying the best ways to ask questions, reach respondents, represent populations, collect data, increase response rates and produce accurate data. This blog will share Gallup's latest knowledge on important methodological topics, such as questionnaire construction, reaching respondents and increasing response rates, methods of data collection, and emerging technologies and research techniques.

We'll share the results of our latest methodological experiments and our recommendations for conducting scientifically rigorous public opinion research. We'll also provide information to help readers evaluate and interpret survey findings.

To read the latest posts as soon as they publish, subscribe to Gallup News alerts and select "All Gallup Headlines" or the Methodology Blog tag in your account settings. You can also see the latest posts on the Methodology Blog page.



Jenny Marlar, Ph.D., is Director of Survey Research at Gallup.

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