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Organizations Going Above and Beyond to Engage Employees

Organizations Going Above and Beyond to Engage Employees

Few organizations know how to truly engage their employees. Gallup research shows that 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, meaning they are interested in their work and making a full effort on the job. The remaining 87% of employees are either not engaged or indifferent -- or even worse, are actively disengaged and potentially hostile toward their organizations.

But some companies have figured out how to establish emotional connections with their employees and create an environment where people love their work. These organizations understand that engaging employees drives real business outcomes, and they have mastered strategies and tactics to create cultures of engagement. These companies set the global standard for a great workplace.

Gallup recently honored 35 leading organizations as the recipients of the annual Gallup Great Workplace Award. Organizations that met the high-standard criteria to apply for this award were also eligible to win awards that recognize excellence in specific areas of employee engagement.

Gallup presented the following additional awards to organizations that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to and advancement of employee-centric performance excellence at the Gallup Summit held May 10-12, 2016. Gallup is pleased to recognize the additional award winners:

The Essence of Engagement Award recognizes the organization that distinguishes itself as an engaged culture and proves how engagement permeates throughout the entire organization.

  • Commonwealth Health Corporation (CHC)

The Excellence in Outcomes Award recognizes the workplace that distinguishes its excellence through meaningful and measured growth as a result of its strategic approach to engagement.

  • Stryker

The Customer Champions Award recognizes a company that drives real growth by empowering employees to do what is right in its customers' eyes.

  • NFU Mutual

The Talent Maximization Award recognizes a company with objective selection criteria that ensure it hires and promotes individuals into roles that allow them to do what they do best every day.

  • Hendrick Health System

The Development by Design Award recognizes an organization that distinguishes its excellence through a purposeful focus on individual strengths which enables its employees to achieve personal, team and organizational success.

  • Charles Schwab

The Trailblazer Award recognizes a company that creates a new pathway for future generations of managers and employees to follow. Through hard work and determination, this organization has distinguished its excellence as a first-time Gallup Great Workplace Award winner.

  • Tech Mahindra Business Services

The Comeback Champion Award recognizes organizations that overcome seemingly insurmountable circumstances by using engagement as an emotional catalyst to drive meaningful change.

  • Bon Secours Health System

  • Mary Lanning Healthcare

Gallup Great Workplace Award With Highest Distinction: This honor is given to organizations with average employee engagement scores in the 90th percentile of Gallup's company-level database. At least 70% of their business units also achieved similarly high employee engagement scores.

  • Winegardner & Hammons Hotel Group

  • Nationwide Insurance

  • Charles Schwab

  • Adventist Health System

  • Hyatt

The Manager of the Year Award

  • Vishal Mehra, Hyatt Place General Manager

Vishal supports and inspires his team, standing side by side with them and giving them personal encouragement to tread their own path. Leading from the front, but also from within, Vishal works tirelessly to develop a passionate, dynamic and cohesive team.

Congratulations to these companies and their leaders for raising the bar and truly embracing strategies for engagement.


Ed O'Boyle is Global Practice Leader for Gallup's workplace and marketplace consulting.

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