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New Series: Where Americans Stand on the Environment, Energy
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New Series: Where Americans Stand on the Environment, Energy

by Frank Newport, Gallup Editor-in-Chief

Beginning Wednesday and continuing over the next two weeks, Gallup will publish a series of articles based on Americans' views of the environment and energy. This series will cover:

President Donald Trump announced last year that the U.S. is withdrawing from participation in the world's most significant agreement on climate change, the Paris climate accord, and has focused his energy policies primarily on steps that will help the traditional fossil fuel industries -- coal, oil and gas. This series will help provide the public opinion context for these actions amid the ongoing debate between those who argue for more emphasis on the environment and the pending effects of climate change, and those who are much less concerned. The series is based on Gallup's annual March update on the environment and energy.

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Frank Newport, Ph.D., is a Gallup senior scientist. He is the author of Polling Matters: Why Leaders Must Listen to the Wisdom of the People and God Is Alive and Well.

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