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Data From Largest Global Study on Science Now Available
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Data From Largest Global Study on Science Now Available

Since the launch in late June of the first Wellcome Global Monitor -- the world's largest study of how people around the world think and feel about science and major health issues -- Gallup has received multiple requests about where to find the data for this landmark study.

While Gallup has released several articles from the study on our site, the most comprehensive source for further information is the Wellcome website and the UK Data Service where the microdata have been downloaded.

The Wellcome website offers comprehensive details about the study, which was conducted as part of the Gallup World Poll in 2018, including a full report on the findings, the questionnaire and an Excel data set that features Wellcome Monitor data from more than 140 countries. The data are disaggregated by gender, age, urbanicity, income and other key demographic variables.

The UK Data Service portal provides the more comprehensive individual-level microdata set that allows people to run their own complex analyses with the data. The data archive also includes relevant supporting materials to facilitate academics' and policymakers' use of the data.

Find out more about project, read the Wellcome Global Monitor report and investigate the data for any country on your own.

Wellcome Global Monitor website

UK Data Service


Andrew Rzepa is a Partner at Gallup.

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