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Gallup on the 2020 Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the 2020 presidential election comes into sharper focus, the Gallup team has been studying our longest-running trends -- some more than seven decades old -- to discern which are most relevant to how presidential elections involving incumbents play out. Note that these metrics don't merely relate to who might win, but which issues are likely to inform voters' decisions and whether voters will even participate in the election.

In addition to receiving regular updates on key historical metrics, our campaign 2020 page will feature all of Gallup's latest election-year analysis from some of our most seasoned editors and analysts.

I'm also pleased to announce that Gallup's election-year trends for eight key metrics are now live on our Metrics That Matter interactive page. New figures will be uploaded as they become available, to allow for direct comparisons between the 2020 election and all prior presidential elections.

As we focus less on people's voting intentions, our coverage will tackle citizens' confidence in the electoral process; satisfaction with their electoral choices; and concerns over factors that impact the contest. These include campaign finance and the perceived veracity of news media sources reporting on the campaign, as well as concern over efforts by special-interest groups to influence the campaign.

Eight decades ago, in introducing his new polling enterprise to the world, Dr. Gallup described it as a "nonpartisan fact-finding organization." We are proud to maintain that mission and to maintain the highest possible standards in our measurement and reporting on the will of the people.

So, enjoy the Gallup campaign 2020 page and our Metrics That Matter interactive! Consider it our team's guidebook on what you need to be tracking this season to stay informed on the dynamics governing the 2020 presidential election.


Mohamed Younis is Gallup's Editor-in-Chief.

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