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The Short Answer
What Percentage of Americans Vape?
The Short Answer

What Percentage of Americans Vape?

by Zach Hrynowski

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- According to a July 2019 Gallup poll, 8% of Americans say they have vaped within the past week. There is a perception among Americans that vaping is less harmful than tobacco. However, a recent series of deaths -- which the CDC has linked to e-cigarette use -- has triggered a debate over the safety of these products, and has led some states and federal agencies to explore or enact bans or restrictions on their sale.

  • Nearly one in five 18- to 29-year-olds reports vaping regularly, more than twice the national average.
  • Americans with a household income of more than $100,000 per year (5%) are about half as likely to use e-cigarettes as those earning less than $40,000 per year (9%).
  • E-cigarette use is lower among those with higher levels of education: College graduates (3%) are three times less likely to vape than those without a college degree (10%).

E-Cigarette Use Among U.S. Adults
Have you, yourself, smoked any e-cigarettes or "vaped" in the past week?
U.S. adults 8
Men 9
Women 6
18-29 19
30-49 8
50-64 3
65+ <1
White 7
Nonwhite 8
College graduate
Yes 3
No 10
$100,000+ 5
$40,000 to $99,999 8
<$40,000 9
Gallup, July 1-12, 2019

Gallup measures Americans' smoking habits each July as part of its Consumption Habits poll -- one of 12 surveys that make up the Gallup Poll Social Series.

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