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The Best Gallup Business Journal Articles of 2012
Business Journal

The Best Gallup Business Journal Articles of 2012

by the Gallup Business Journal editors

How to restore confidence in banks. Managing your workforce amid the stress of a volatile global marketplace. Why the U.S. healthcare system is crippling the country's economy and prospects for job creation.

These are among the most urgent and timely topics the Gallup Business Journal covered during 2012, offering senior executives insights and action plans during a turbulent year. We also tackled persistent problems such as making government more efficient and alleviating employees' stress and improving their health. We even revealed where you'll want to live in 20 years.

Here are the GBJ editors' picks for the top articles of 2012 across 13 topic areas -- and the most popular article of the year, according to our readers.

Banking: Fixing Customers' Confidence in Banks
In the wake of the financial crisis and Occupy Wall Street, the public's confidence in banks hit record lows. The situation is dangerous but fixable, says Gallup's chief economist. Read more

Business to Business: Creating Impact in B2B Relationships
Being a successful B2B company takes more than delivering a product or a service. It requires helping your customers succeed by improving their performance. Read more

Customer Engagement: Do Consumers "Get" Your Brand?
How companies can align their brand identities externally in the marketplace and internally in the workplace. Read more

Education: Don't Fail Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs
The future success of America's economy relies on its young people -- but adults aren't giving them the chance to succeed. Read more

Employee Engagement: Managing Your Workforce Amid Intense Uncertainty
Nagging economic doubts and slow growth require tough, agile employees. Read more

Government: Making Government Efficient
The U.S. government has problems that many private companies don't. But they're solvable. Read more

Healthcare: Healthcare Is Killing Us
High healthcare costs are dooming job creation, badly needed hope, and employee engagement, says Gallup's chairman. Read more

Job Creation: What Drives Entrepreneurs to Win
Gallup uncovers the motivations, perceptions, and behaviors that propel these exceptional businesspeople. Read more

Leadership and Succession: Building a Talent Machine
How to engineer a different plan for company growth. Read more

Selection: Executives: Your Company Isn't Attracting the Best Talent
Why companies repel some of their ideal job applicants -- and how they can fix it. Read more

Strengths: Building Strengths Accelerates Company Engagement Everywhere
Employee engagement globally is alarmingly low. Here's how executives worldwide can attack this problem by building strengths-based cultures. Read more

Well-Being: Unhealthy, Stressed Employees Are Hurting Your Business
How personal well-being directly affects a company's bottom line. Read more

World Poll: What World Leaders Must Know Now
Is your country on the brink of revolution? Can it create and sustain wealth? A global poll provides crucial answers. Read more

Most Popular Article of 2012: Where You'll Want to Live in 2032
Using metrics that include economic, workplace, community, and personal choice factors, Gallup found what will be the most livable U.S. region 20 years from now. Read more

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