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From Gallup's New Editor in Chief
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From Gallup's New Editor in Chief

I am honored to be taking on the role of editor in chief in the company's 84th year, and I thank both our CEO Jim Clifton and our COO Jane Miller for entrusting me with this great responsibility. Dr. George Gallup's mission to inform leaders' decision-making is one that has driven me in my 10 years of working here, and one that inspires our entire team as we work daily to gather the will of the people across the globe and deliver analyses and insights to leaders and the public.

As the issue of migration roils national politics worldwide, Gallup recently launched the Migration Research Center, which features our latest and best findings on the subject -- from unrivaled findings on potential net migration, to global attitudes toward migrants, to how migrants see their own lives. In the U.S., as a new Congress prepares to take office on Thursday, we at Gallup are studying and reporting on what Americans seek from the elected officials that will be sworn in. Often, traditional economic measures such as gross domestic product and the unemployment rate don't give the full picture of what's unfolding in any society -- and that's where Gallup comes in. We study how people are living and evaluating their own lives, how their perceptions drive behavior, and how these behaviors influence the ever-more-connected world we live in.

Since 1935, the world has trusted Gallup to responsibly and innovatively study societies and how human behavior is unfolding within them. I'm committed to stewarding our work in the coming years as we continue to deliver these important findings.

I would like to also recognize the stewardship of Dr. Frank Newport, for serving as our editor in chief from 1990-2018. I am grateful that we will continue to build on his decades-long expertise as he transitions to a Gallup Senior Scientist in this new chapter in our company's history.

I am excited for what we have in store for our coverage in 2019. In just the first few months, Gallup will release specially curated pages on our long-term trends, including attitudes on abortion and guns, as well as larger analytical pieces on uninsured Americans, race relations and how political identities are shifting in the United States. On the global front, Gallup will soon be releasing approval ratings of U.S. leadership and comparing these ratings with the approval of leaders from other key global powers.

Thank you for continuing to follow our work at -- 2019 promises to be an eventful year. Please come back for our daily findings on how it's all unfolding.

Mohamed Younis is Gallup's editor in chief. For the past 10 years, he has led some of Gallup's largest global and regional studies on social, political and economic issues. His research at Gallup has focused on geopolitics and the shifting global order, U.S. foreign policy, state stability, youth employment challenges, and relations between Muslim communities and Western societies.


Mohamed Younis is Gallup's Editor-in-Chief.

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