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Gallup's Minority Rights and Relations Series
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Gallup's Minority Rights and Relations Series

Much of the national conversation this summer on race and equality has centered around law enforcement and criminal justice, yet inequity and mistreatment exist in many other facets of life in the U.S.

How satisfied are Americans with the state of race relations in the U.S.? Do they see racial strife as a problem that can eventually be overcome? Do they believe that equal opportunities exist for Black and White Americans alike in housing, jobs and education? And how do the differing perspectives of Black and White Americans shape their views about various societal institutions that figure prominently in most people's lives?

Over the next several weeks, the Gallup Center on Black Voices will leverage Gallup's latest Minority Rights and Relations survey from the Gallup Poll Social Series, as well as aggregated data, to shed light on the state of U.S. race relations and how they have evolved. The center will release findings on the following topics, many with long-term trends:

August 12:

Week of August 17:

Week of August 24:

Week of August 31:

Week of September 7:

Week of September 14:

Week of September 21:

  • How do Black Americans' perceptions of the most important problem facing the country differ from those of White and Hispanic Americans?

Check back here for exact dates of each release.


Justin McCarthy is a journalist and analyst at Gallup.

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