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The Best Business Articles of 2015 on the Workplace editors' picks for the top articles from 2015 on managing performance and developing employees in a 21st-century workplace:

Employees Want a Lot More From Their Managers

One in two U.S. adults said they left their job to get away from their manager -- and improve their life overall -- at some point during their career.


Obsolete Annual Reviews: Gallup's Advice

Many large organizations have experienced the dysfunction of once-a-year performance conversations, and they're ditching the practice.

Only One in 10 People Possess the Talent to Manage

When companies put these 10% in managerial roles, they naturally engage team members and customers, retain top performers, and sustain a culture of high productivity.

Female Bosses Are More Engaging Than Male Bosses

When it comes to the topic of women in management, times have changed -- and so have attitudes toward female supervisors.

The German Workforce Has a Burnout Problem

An estimated 2.7 million workers are feeling burned out, and the problem is costly to the European Union's largest economy.

Americans Agree: U.S. Must Develop Its Workforce Talent

Though Americans may be politically polarized, they've found consensus in one area: the need for the U.S. to invest in the talent of its workforce.


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