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Gallup Center on Black Voices: Jobs and Work Series
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Gallup Center on Black Voices: Jobs and Work Series

A national conversation on race relations and racism exploded last year, laying bare the inequalities throughout American society. U.S. workplaces have been no exception to these conversations -- and now, many employers seek to take action but do not know where to begin.

This month, the Gallup Center on Black Voices provides a starting point for conversations between employers and employees with its Jobs and Work series, detailing the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of Black workers, who make up nearly one in eight U.S. employees.

The series will focus on the following issues and more:

  • Black workers' experiences with discrimination and unfair treatment at work
  • racial diversity among Black workers' peers and leadership
  • inclusion in the workplace
  • Black workers' career aspirations
  • managers' preparedness for conversations about race and equality
  • Black employees' views on job opportunities and job stability

Bookmark this page and check back frequently for links to the articles as they are released, starting on Jan. 12. You can also visit the Gallup Center on Black Voices for insights on a range of topics affecting Black Americans.

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Justin McCarthy is a journalist and analyst at Gallup.

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