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The Best Business Articles of 2015 on Winning Customers

Here are editors' picks for the top articles from 2015 about winning and retaining a company's best customers:

Online Shopping Destroys Customer Engagement

Though online shopping is increasingly becoming the norm for consumers, this isn't necessarily good news for shoppers or companies.


Can Volkswagen Salvage Its Damaged Brand?

The car maker has taken steps to mitigate its emissions scandal, but still has a long way to go.

Often Overlooked in M&A: Customers and Employees

From Pfizer and Allergan to Dell and EMC, mergers and acquisitions are all the rage right now. What's missing from the massive media coverage? The people factor.

Banking Analysis: Better Service Doesn't Increase Costs

The experience of a major bank in Mexico shows that providing good customer service doesn't have to mean rising and burdensome costs to businesses.

Companies Only Deliver on Their Brand Promises Half the Time

A brand promise is an agreement between a company and its customers. Yet Gallup finds that companies are largely failing to make good on their agreements.


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