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The Best Business Articles of 2015 on Jobs and the Economy editors' picks for the top articles from 2015 on job creation and the economy:

Killing Small Business

If America is going to dominate the world again, the country has to fix the spirit of free enterprise. Small-business startups are in serious decline.


The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment

Here's something many Americans don't know: The official unemployment rate -- as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor -- is extremely misleading.

Many Potential Entrepreneurs Aren't Taking the Plunge

Gallup finds that one-quarter of Americans say they've considered becoming business owners but decided not to. This represents a serious missed opportunity for the economy and growth of good jobs.

Forget Washington: Cities Will Save the Middle Class

When it comes to creating economic growth and good jobs and replenishing America's hollowed-out middle class, local leadership is far more important than national leadership.

Global Joblessness: The Real Number

Official figures for worldwide unemployment are so inadequate that they suggest there isn't a global jobs problem at all. The problem lies in how leaders define and measure unemployment.


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