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Global Insights on Key G20 Summit Issues

Global Insights on Key G20 Summit Issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Leaders from the world's largest and most influential economies gather this weekend for the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, where they will tackle an ambitious agenda: the global economy, trade and investment, the environment and energy, innovation, employment, women's empowerment, development, and health.

Data snapshots from Gallup's global surveys provide some insight into how people living in G20 countries -- and elsewhere around the world -- stand on several of these key issues.

The Environment

Mixed Reviews on Efforts to Preserve the Environment Across the G20

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron this week called climate change a "red line" issue for the summit, vowing not to sign any joint statement from the G20 that did not address climate change.

Majorities in nine G20 member states, including France, are satisfied with their country's efforts to preserve the environment, while majorities in nine member states are dissatisfied.

The "most satisfied" list includes China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia, where at least three in four say they are satisfied with efforts to preserve the environment, while large majorities of those in Brazil, South Korea and Italy are dissatisfied.

Smaller majorities in the U.S. -- notably the only country in the G20 and the world to have announced its withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord -- Argentina, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Turkey are dissatisfied.

Satisfaction With Efforts to Preserve the Environment in G20 Countries
In this country, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with efforts to preserve the environment?
Satisfied Dissatisfied
% %
Argentina 40 54
Australia 54 44
Brazil 30 66
Canada 58 41
China 78 18
European Union 49 46
France 51 45
Germany 58 38
India 76 19
Indonesia 75 23
Italy 23 74
Japan 49 42
Mexico 45 54
Russia 33 57
Saudi Arabia 76 22
South Africa 46 51
South Korea 29 64
Turkey 37 59
United Kingdom 61 36
United States of America 46 52
Gallup World Poll, 2018


Record-High Global Percentage Satisfied With Access to Quality Healthcare

Acknowledging that "global health is an important topic that is essential as a basis for sustainable growth of the global economy," discussions at the summit are expected to cover the achievement of universal health coverage, aging societies and the management of health emergencies.

Gallup has asked people around the world to rate their satisfaction with their access to quality healthcare for more than a decade. In 2018, a record-high 65% of the world's adults said they were satisfied. The only G20 countries where satisfaction falls below a majority are Italy (49%), South Africa (48%), Russia (34%) and Brazil (33%).

Line graph. Global trend on satisfaction with the availability of quality healthcare hit record-high 65% in 2018.

Employment and Women's Empowerment

Large Gender Gaps Exist in the Workforce Across the G20

Women's empowerment -- particularly their participation in the workforce -- is also expected to emerge as a key theme of the summit.

Gallup World Poll data show that substantial percentages of women remain out of the workforce in nearly all G20 member countries. The gender gaps in host country Japan were wider in 2018 than in 2014, when many G20 countries signed the Brisbane Commitment to reduce the gender gap in labor force participation. Nearly half (47%) of Japanese women were out of the workforce in 2018, compared with 28% of Japanese men.

Gender Gaps Across the G20
Women out of the workforce Men out of the workforce Gender gap
% % (pct. pts.)
Turkey 64 26 -38
India 58 23 -35
Indonesia 50 19 -31
Saudi Arabia 51 24 -27
Russia 50 28 -22
Japan 47 28 -19
Mexico 35 17 -18
Canada 40 23 -17
Argentina 39 24 -15
South Africa 53 38 -15
Italy 48 33 -15
Brazil 42 28 -14
South Korea 41 28 -13
Australia 41 29 -12
United Kingdom 41 29 -12
European Union 44 33 -11
France 46 37 -9
China 35 26 -9
United States of America 37 29 -8
Germany 41 37 -4
Gallup World Poll, 2018

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