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The Best Business Articles of 2016 on the Workplace editors' picks for the top articles from 2016 on the workplace:

Are Women Buying Your Workplace?

Income is important, but women want more out of a job. They'll shop around for a role that best fits them and their lives.


Millennials: How They Live and Work

Are millennials really that different? The answer is yes -- profoundly so. Millennials will change the world decisively more than any other generation.

Moneyball for Business: Employee Engagement Meta-Analysis

Gallup's latest meta-analysis on the relationship between team engagement and performance covers more than 82,000 teams globally.

Retaining Employees: How Much Does Money Matter?

A majority of workers would consider leaving for better pay. But high engagement and high well-being can help keep them around.

Strengths-Based Employee Development: The Business Results

Key findings from Gallup's global study of companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices.


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