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Fewer Than 200 Million Worldwide Have Great Jobs

Worldwide, men and women dream of having a good job and, ultimately, a great job. Yet Gallup's latest update on the real jobs situation in more than 130 countries shows that fewer than 200 million adults are realizing this dream. Further, about 1 billion are truly unemployed. Our new report released Thursday -- the 2016 Global Great Jobs Report -- offers the latest intelligence that Gallup has on the real jobs situation worldwide. The report reveals where the good -- and great -- jobs are, and where the greatest deficits remain.

Some key findings inside the report include:

  • Twenty-six percent -- or about 1.3 billion adults worldwide -- work full time for an employer. Worldwide, the percentages of adults who have these "good jobs" vary a lot.
  • Not all good jobs are "great jobs." In almost every country, there are significantly more adults with good jobs who are not engaged at work than there are adults with good jobs who are engaged at work -- which Gallup considers "great jobs."
  • Great jobs are scarce. Across the world, the percentage of adults with great jobs rarely tops 10%.
  • Adults with great jobs are more likely than those with good, but not great, jobs to rate their lives positively enough to be considered thriving. In many regions, those with good, but not great, jobs -- meaning they are employed full time for an employer but are not engaged at work -- are often just as likely as the general population to be thriving.

Read the full report.

Julie Ray is a writer and editor at Gallup.

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